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Saturday April 28, 2007 06:17

Mix07 in QR code

Microsoft’s Mix07 is coming soon. In last Microsoft Tech Summit, Loke Uei and Clark Butler showed a demonstration of QR code with Windows Mobile to guide conference rooms in Mix07. If you participate in Mix07, you’ve better learn it.

Saturday March 31, 2007 00:11

Daum Adclix

Daum announced AdClix, the contextual advertisement system as similar with Google AdSense. It is the beta service for users of Daum Blog and independent bloggers with WordPress, Tattertools and so on. Although Daum made a strategic partnership with Google in this area, Daum did own one. It’s very similar with Google AdSense’s system, but it […]

Wednesday March 28, 2007 04:42

Web 2.0 Korea 2007

The 2nd. Web2.0 Korea Conference was held on Mar. 28th in Seoul following last year event. This conference was hosted by BizDeli, a expert IT conference company, so it had very traditional conference style, a lecture, a lecture and so on. So some participators blamed it’s conference 1.0 style to talk Web 2.0. Also all […]

Sunday November 19, 2006 16:06

Open Web2Con

In Korea, some bloggers want to launch free unconference style meeting against expensive, invitation-only event such as web2summit. It’s very similar with Web2.2 the point is people. So it was new style event organized by volunteers. Open Web2con advocated speaking of web 2.0 by the user, of the user and for the user. Some companies […]

Friday November 17, 2006 15:53

Web2Talk Seoul

There was the Web 2.0 Summit that connects the leaders and technologists opening the Web’s business opportunities. But, conference attendance was limited to maintain an intimate setting and foster dialogue among all participants. General attendee registration for the Web 2.0 Conference was by invitation only. So many people didn’t go to web2summit. Fortunately some of […]

Tuesday February 14, 2006 01:22

Web2.0 Conference Korea

Tuesday January 24, 2006 22:56

ZDNet: Korean Web 2.0 Services

I introduced korean servces with web 2.0 concepts. 1. User paticipation – Ohmynews: – an alternative media with citizenship reporters – Cyworld: – an widely spreading social network service – Daum Agora: – a bulletin board system for issues. – Naver Blog: – an information clipping based blog service. 2. Blogging […]

Tuesday November 15, 2005 04:12

ZDNet: Web 2.0 is the homing instinct

This article is an epilogue of Web 2.0 Conference journey. The concept of web 2.0 was same of TBL’s primary thought in 1993. So I think web2.0 is the homeing instinct against centralization such as portal. Refer to this article of ZDNet in korean.