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Sunday April 15, 2007 22:15

Meet korean bloggers in Web2Expo!

Tomorrow the Web 2.0 Expo will be held at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Over 50 korean people will be participated in this event. It was only three korean people in Web 2.0 Conference in 2005. How many people are interested in Web 2.0? It’s incredible. After first introduction of Web2.0 in 2005, many people […]

Monday August 21, 2006 18:01

Web2con’s Asian Speakers

It will be held Web 2.0 Conference 2006 from Nov. 7th to 9th in Sanfrancisco, US. John Battelle, a co-founder of this announced call for LunchPad that was very popluar session in web2con 2005 that I was very impressed. As you know, there were many web 2.0 startup companies in 2006. So it was composed […]

Monday October 10, 2005 02:58

Web2con 2005 Tour

I attended Web2.0 Conference 2005 in San Francisco, US for Oct. 4~6 2005. It was very cool and exciting journey. You can see all of information is official web2con coverage. There are many people interested in Web 2.0 and its issue trends on the world. From Korea, three of SK Communications attended it except me […]