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Monday August 3, 2009 03:25

Victory of Yahoo Employees

There was big news of partnership between Yahoo! and Microsoft. After the war of acquisition between Jerry Yang and Steve Ballmer, Yahoo got new woman CEO Carol Bartz and she finished remained problems that everyone minds. Most of news media wrote Yahoo! surrendered to Microsoft and Yahoo’s stock was down. In addtion Jason Calacanis wrote […]

Wednesday August 16, 2006 14:13

Naver Knowledge vs. Yahoo! Answers API

Yahoo! Answers released knowledge API today for developers to access Y!A database. The Yahoo’s knowledge database has been growing in the world except korean market. Naver was first mover with typical mass in this market. Also it released Naver Knowledge API on July, 2006. But it’s not public why it only offered to own knowledge […]

Tuesday August 1, 2006 05:40

Techcrunched: Cyworld and Yahoo! Korea Webzari

Techcrunch reported the launch of Cyworld US and Webzari, visualization service of blogs. The “Zari” means asterism in Korean. It firstly introduced Yahoo! Korea. I’m very glad to see korean web service in Techcrunch. Some of comments for Cyworld US was negative. But, I think now american teenagers are very similar with old korean’s teenagers […]

Tuesday May 23, 2006 18:16

Yahoo! learned Korea. But…

Recently Google presented own future strategy to stock analysts. Also Yahoo hosts Yahoo! Analyst Day with Semel and all of core managers of Yahoo! You can download presentation files. In summary, they want to offer good experiences and become the major contents distribution platform. I remarked Jeff Weiner’s social search session. This means collaborative search […]