Friday July 27, 2007 13:23

TechnoKimchi gears up.

Posted by Channy Yun

A Korean famous blogger, Danny Kim started new blog TechnoKimchi to write on digital generation in Asia especially focused on Korea young people enjoyed wired life.

His Korean blog has over 5,000 subscribers and popular to Web 2.0 mania. He studied in Cornell University and worked in Samsung SDS as a system engineer.

Recently he took decisive action to quit his job and swings to full time blogger after his brave journey. He wrote why he starts new blog as followings:

But, here’s what’s important. The gap between the young generation in East and West is closing. The reason is because better broadband and mobile infrastructures are now set place in the West while the East is learning to be somewhat more “logical” and “open” on the Web like the West has been. However, more than anything, the digital generation from both East and West is developing a culture that is commonly observed across all different countries, philosophies, races, ethnicities, languages, and continents. Seriously, an average 6th grader from Japan has a much higher chance to be like an average 6th grader from Canada than ever before. They play games, send numerous SMS messages to friends, listen to mp3s through iPod. What does that say about business opportunities? Plenty, I think.

So, that’s why this blog exists. 🙂

If you want to know more cultural effects of broadband effect, you can enjoy his fun and good stories there. My blog has very simple topics for Korean web business, but you can read more thing in detail in Web 2.0 Asia or TechnoKimchi.

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