Saturday June 10, 2006 09:51

The future is in South Korea?

Posted by Channy Yun

Business 2.0 wrote an article “The future is in South Korea” that introduced Cyworld story succeeded by broadband infrastructure including PC bang and maturing game industry.

South Korea has become the world’s best laboratory for broadband services – and a place to look to for answers on how the Internet business may evolve….Cyworld, for example, is a social network owned by a subsidiary of SK Telecom, the country’s largest wireless provider. To an American eye, the Cyworld service looks like a mixture of some of the hottest US properties: it’s MySpace meets Flickr and Blogger and AIM and Second Life.

Users have avatars that visit and can link to each other’s “minihompy” – a miniature homepage that’s actually a 3-D room containing a users’ blog, photos, and virtual items for sale. Cyworld’s digital garage sales include music, ringtones, clothes for your avatar and furnishings for your own minihompy.

O’Reilly Radar responded “Why the Future is in South Korea” by Tim O’reilly. Tim thought Cyworld’s story is remarkable to him in web 2.0 trend although there are some negative things in korean broadband effects. But, I think this question is for all of korean. Though there are some success stories by broadband environment, we must ask in return to us whether we have competitive power rather than abroad services or not.

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– Birgitta Forsberg, The future is South Korea Tech firms try out latest in world’s most wired society (

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