Wednesday May 3, 2006 15:35

The Search Market Share in Korea

Posted by Channy Yun

May you read Google Fails to Make Inroads in S. Korea. Korean version of Google referred only about 17% of unique visitors to other sites in March 2006, according to WebSideStory. KoreanClick found that Google’s Korean site referred only about 10.8% of unique visitors in February 2006. Naver accounted for nearly 58.4% of search referrals, according to WebSideStory. KoreanClick says Naver accounted for 80%. Daum Communications was second with more than 48%, and Yahoo! Korea was #3 at 32%.

As followings are detail data of the search market share in Korea. These were measured by KoreanClick in Dec. 2005. (via market share report in korea by koreanclick)

Most of people uses over 2 search services at least and Google is high for % of referral unique visitors.

* Refferal UV (Unique Visitors): a number of moved users by clicking link in a search result.
* % of Refferral UV: a percent of movend users by clicking link in a search result.
* # of Queried UV: a number of quering user in total unique vistors.

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Angus Lau: love it or hate it. life and internet - Hong Kong » Stats to back it.

May 4th, 2006 at 12:35 am

[…] KoreaCrunch provided some nice stats to the search market on their website and I wasn’t surprised of the results. Google didn’t fair well with the local competition, at the time the stats were produced. I think it will be a long road for Google to reach the top three and something to take notice, MSN isn’t on top five. Compared to US sites, according to, Yahoo! ranks 1st in traffic, 2nd is Google and 3rd is MSN. […]

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