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The Secret of Web Browser Share

Posted by Channy Yun

At last, the Internet Explorer 9 Beta was released with some HTML5 capable functions based on Web Standards. But, IE9 will be still minor browser right now.

Nowadays the world of web browsers are definitely different compared with the situation of early 2000s to be dominated by IE6. Non IE browsers already reached 40% and over 50% in some European countries by Net Applications.

I surveyed what browser is dominant in each countries from StatCounters, log-based statistics from web counters. First of all, the red area (especially old USSR) is dominated by Opera browser(40~50%) including Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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In these countries, Firefox’s share is also high(30~40%), so IE’s share very low(10~15%). I guess it caused for people in this area not to prefer US products and have low broadband penetration. In case of Russia, Yandex has overwhelmed Google in search engine market.

But, in so called the East-European bloc, Mozilla Firefox (orange area) are dominant with 40~50% share especially in German, Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. It’s interesting that Opera browser share of Norway is just 6% despite of the home of Opera. On the contrary, IE still share high percentage in western Europe as like UK, France and Spain rather than Firefox and Opera. It means people in emerging market tend to choose the latest web browser.

In Asia, Firefox share average 10~15% in IE dominant area, but Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia is very high Firefox share. In Africa, some countries is also very high as like Cameroon, Senegal and Kenya. It means Windows OS was supplied by overseas economic aid and pirated products, but the emerging market is also important in this area as like Europe.

Good alternatives as like Firefox give benefits by offering opportunity of choice for people in emerging market of Africa, South America and Asia.

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Channy Yun

September 27th, 2010 at 10:36 pm

The Green area is in competition between IE and Firefox. SE Asia and SW Africa were influenced by western culture and emerging market.


Sandro kensan

October 3rd, 2010 at 7:53 am

Russian federation is not red (Opera) but Orange (Firefox), accordly to statcounter:



Channy Yun

October 9th, 2010 at 11:36 am

@Sandro kensan You’re right. But, I tracked recent six months.

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