Thursday December 7, 2006 01:49 goes to Open Beta

Posted by Channy Yun was recently launched open beta services of the customizable blog by Daum with local venture start-up Tatter & Company.

Tistory is drawing keen attention as the new breed is useful in making blog-specific full-featured applications with customizing theme, free storage and free video service. Also it allows to change other domain name of users and It’s almost same of model of Automattic in US.

Since pilot runs of the flexible blogs of Daum began late last year, roughly 7,000 users applied to subscribe to the services a week on average and the total now amounts to 40,000.

Tistory won’t overwhelm users with technologies. They can just download software from the Web and make blog sites tailored to their tastes with ease. People seem to recognize it is not so difficult to make and decorate their own blog sites. We think this service has a shot at being a grand slam.

After checking the viability of the customizable blogs through the ongoing test runs, Daum plans to commercially launch the service in the near future. Currently, the number of Korean blogs top 7 million with Naver, the nation’s leading Internet portal, hosting about three-fourths of them. Daum hosts 2 million blogs.

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April 19th, 2007 at 11:41 am

I found this late but the figure should be corrected to $1.5 – Thanks Channy

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