Monday December 29, 2008 06:10

Top Interent News in 2008

Posted by Channy Yun

The Korea Internet Association was released top news of Korean Intetnet industry in 2008.

  1. Making culture of online social controversy and problems (Daum Agora was a playground user-participated debate in US beef import, economic crisis etc. As well malicious comments, rumors, libel on news articles and bulletin board made many social effects for famous star’s suicide and defamation of character.)
  2. Governmental internet regulation over freedom of expression (Government strengthens monitoring obligation, real identity in web site and the introduction of a law of online contempt etc.)
  3. Personal journalism and its growing influence (Fast growing of bloggers, Live news in candlelight protest, Online expert called Minerva etc.)
  4. Internet presidential election Ohmaba opening president 2.0 Era (“the Internet led the most powerful tool for change”)
  5. Economic crisis reflected in the Internet industry (Poor business performance in 2008)
  6. Big connections between wireless and broadband companies (SKT + Hanaro Telecom and KT + KTF)
  7. IPTV was started (IPTV operator selection including KT, SK Broadband and LG Telecom with real-time TV broadcasting service over IP network)
  8. Mobile Internet of the global competition ignition (Apple iPhone’s sensation, Google released Android Phone, Symbian acquired by Nokia)
  9. Acceleration open wireless Internet network (SKT – opening promise of the merger subject network, LGT OZ and full browsing service, the abolition of WIPI controversy, High-end smart phone such as T-Omnia Enabled phones)
  10. Strengthening crackdown on illegal copyright (Three-strikes copyright law including site blocking, increasing a special judicial crackdown on illegal web sites by the police and prosecution, copyright infringement lawsuits and settlement by law firm)

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