Monday June 4, 2007 19:08

Upgrade Season for Web 2.0 Startups

Posted by Channy Yun is public on May. 15., RSS based blog search engine was released. Many IT opinion leaders have been interested in new search engine after exit of 1noon.

Revu 2.0 on May. 14
Revu has been changed from review search to social shopping service in this upgrade. It focused on shopping recommendation based on social knowledges. New features are peer communication, recommendation and feedback for popular items and sharing of picklist and wishlist.

Olalog Beta 2 on May. 23
Olalog started closed beta 2 service too. It added friends group managing based on face matching and detecting and photo sharing based on social network services. It evolved from simple photo managing to SNS functions with community features.

Wzd 2.0 Beta Cantavilie on Jun. 3 added new features in 2.0 beta version. It supports secondary domain address for personal portal and public sites and enhanced RSS reading function for major providers. Especially Oz and Widget APIs are the first step for user-participated platform.

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