Tuesday July 10, 2007 22:26

Online Video Market Share in Korea

Posted by Channy Yun

I introduced various online video sharing sites in last year. Even though Korea was developed in broadband, there were mostly payable VOD and web casting sites in Korea.

The video sharing service needed high cost of network bandwidth and server systems including encoding and distribution. So most of service providers mind to enter this market. After the success of YouTube, many of service providers started to enter this area such as portal sites.

Now there are two separating providers: one is the video section service of portal sites and the other is independent service providers. The former is Daum TVPot, Naver Play, Yahoo! Yami (now shut-down), Cyworld Video and Freechal Q. The latter includes Pandora.tv, Mncast, Mgoon, Dedeo, UCCC and TagStory.

In US market, Youtube is almost exclusive and Myspace, Google and Yahoo! Video were followed. But, Korean market is very competitive between portal and independent sites.

As following is the monthly unique visitor’s trend for video sites researched by KoreanClick on June, 2007 via Daum Advertising Focus Blog. You can know the strong entrance of portal sites after January in this year. But, Pandora.tv(845M) occupies still the highest market share, and Daum TVPot(841M) is followed. And Mncast, Naver Play, Mgoon, Freechal Q, DioDeo, Cyworld Video, UCCC.

Where is the YouTube here? According to Rankey.com’s research in June, YouTube has only 3% market share except portal sites. (Pandora.tv 33%, Mncast 14%, Mgoon 11%). It proved Korea is the grave of famous global web sites.

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December 31st, 2007 at 8:10 pm

thanks.. Good infomation.. I hope that Korea online video sites should increase competitive power as youtube, dailymotion all over the world.

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