Wednesday June 6, 2007 17:05

VODs of Seoul Digital Forum

Posted by Channy Yun

I was invited and joined Seoul Digital Form on May 29-31th hosted by SBS, one of korean TV companies. This annual forum has focused on convergence traditional media and online environment.

In this year, there are many leading invited speakers including Eric Schmidt and Chris Anderson. I only heard Eric and Chris’s speaking but, most of them is very useful not only to Korean, but to all.

You can watch VOD service in home page, but you must have user id and ActiveX plugin for playing. As following is direct links of major VOD services. (Please click left “Korean” button to play DRM-based windows media files.)

Eric Schmidt – mms://
Chris Anderson – mms://
Anne Sweeney – mms://
Tom Curley – mms://

You can watch various VODs if you type random numbers from 01 to 20 in mms://

This event seems very expensive conference, but most of people were just leading politics for presidential election in this year and foreign business man in Korea, or university student and press reporters. Especially press reporters were only focused on Eric and Google Korea.

Anyway it’s good chance to hear thoughts of leading opinion leaders about media convergence.

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