Friday July 14, 2006 15:44

Web 2.0 Business Workshop

Posted by Channy Yun

Web 2.0 Business Workshop Korea will be held in July 27th by This conference focused on business examples and application on web services since first web 2.0 conference.

As followings are a list of session programs.

– Key success factors of Web2.0 Business Model (Prof. Junki Lee, Yonsei Univ.)
Spotlight: Video 2.0 and business strategy (Yongjun Hyeong, CEO of Einfra Networks)
– Business values of Web 2.0 economics (Kukhyun Kim, IBM Korea)
Spotlight: Life 2.0 and business strategy Olaworks (Junghee Ryu, CEO of Olaworks)
– Google Business Eco-system (Dr. Jaesun Han, KAIST)
Spotlight: Travel 2.0 and business strategy Wingbus (Jonghwa Kim, CEO of Wingbus)
– Insights for service planning for Web 2.0 (Jungeun Lee, Yahoo! Korea)
Spotlight: Remarkable start-up in Web 2.0 in US (Suman Park, CEO of DoubleTrack)

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