Friday March 17, 2006 12:53

Web Application Workshop 2006

Posted by Channy

As tutorial program in NGWeb 2006 Conference, Web Application Workshop was held in Mar. 13th, 2006. It covered new user interface and rich internet applications in web 2.0 era.

It focused on Ajax programming and troubleshooting, Ruby on Rails and Ajax, Flex programming and widget programming with five speakers.

Lecture Notes
– Introduction of Web Application (Channy) :
– Ajax Programming (Iasandcb) :
– Ajax Troubleshooting (Jania) :
– Ruby on rails (Andrew) :
– Ajax on Rails (Likejazz) :
– Flex Programming (Okdosa) :
– Hacking of Widget (Iasandcb):

Over 150 people joined this workshop and learned the latesest web technologies.

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