Saturday October 1, 2005 01:47

Web Standard Solutions in Korean

Posted by Channy Yun

Dan Cederhomn’s first web standard book, Web Standard Solutions (Friends of ED, 2004) was translated into korean by Mr. Suman Park. The korean edition of this book contains questions and answers on markup and style topics for Web Standards. It will explore the multiple ways you can handle a situation when building with Web Standards — and the advantages and disadvantages of those methods.

Additionally, each chapter goes a step further, with “extra credit” sections to give the reader extra tips and tricks based on the topic. The reader is empowered to make better decisions based on well-rounded information. Especially Mr. Park translated all captured images into korean and gives appendix that includes making blog based on web standard and informations of web accessbility for disabled people.

Many of korean reader can understand semantic markup and layout methology with separation of structure and presentation.

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