Monday October 10, 2005 02:58

Web2con 2005 Tour

Posted by Channy Yun

I attended Web2.0 Conference 2005 in San Francisco, US for Oct. 4~6 2005. It was very cool and exciting journey. You can see all of information is official web2con coverage. There are many people interested in Web 2.0 and its issue trends on the world. From Korea, three of SK Communications attended it except me by invitation of SK-Earthlink. Mr. Sky Dayton presented the korean mobile innovation in show-me time. I was very proud of that.

There are many 2.0 naming including Identity2.0, Application 2.0, Video 2.0, VC 2.0 etc… in workshop. Most of them explain differences between 1.0 and 2.0. It’s important thing not naming of version, but that they start to think different way and become more innovative. Especially twelve companies in lunchpad are very exciting.

They are new web 2.0 companies based on innovation with user-centric web services. Most of program were very boring except workshop, lunchpad and showme & ui minutes. Maybe it was originated by my poor hearing skill in english. Anyway, I’m glad to talk with some people including Bart on flock, John on sxip, Tim and others. You can refer web2con 2005 coverage in korean.

I had a chance to visit the office of Mozilla Foudation. I met Asa, Rafael, Scott and Michael in office with my favorite friend, Sung Kim in UCSC. They had a new office and prepared creative interior for geeks. About 20 people work on there.

Also I had also to do Google in Mountain View in Oct. 5 and when I entered visitor center, I found Google Master Plan, handed drawing roadmap from human recruiting to various dream.

There are some idea board in other floor such as google gaia map (earth-moon-mars). Maybe this idea board is good to make a creativity and communicate ideas. Also Google was good environment for developers i.e. fresh fruits, cookies, free meal from breakfast to dinner, laundry, massage, health club, swim pool and rest room with a billiard table etc. You can see Google visiting story on my ZDnet korea column in korean.

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