Monday August 21, 2006 18:01

Web2con’s Asian Speakers

Posted by Channy Yun

It will be held Web 2.0 Conference 2006 from Nov. 7th to 9th in Sanfrancisco, US. John Battelle, a co-founder of this announced call for LunchPad that was very popluar session in web2con 2005 that I was very impressed. As you know, there were many web 2.0 startup companies in 2006. So it was composed of Launch Pad Advisory Board to find good startups. I hope one of korean companies is included in them.

Also there is an unique things of asian speakers. They are Joichi Ito, Technorati/Sixapart Japan and Hyunho Yoo with a success story of Cyworld in Korea, Jack Ma, Yahoo! China and Alibaba. O’reilly tried to make web 2.0 as a global concept through arrangement of local area. It is included ‘web 2.0 in china’ in session theme.

I hope there are many discussions web 2.0 trends in asian area from web2con in this year.

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