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Where2.0 and EbayDevCon in US

Posted by Channy Yun

I went to a business trip in US from Jun. 10th to Jun. 15th, 2006. This trip is for attending 5th Ebay Developers Conference in Las Vegas and Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose.

Ebay Developers Conference
I’m technical evangelist in Daum Communications owned We have a platform strategy in communications, contents and commerce. We have number one properties in each area in Korea. It’s similar with Ebay. I wanted to learn Ebay’s developer support system and feel real scenes in spot.

I was impressed for Ebay’s developers to greet participators with loud applause when we enter a conference place in convention center.

Also you can see opening performance to express harmony strategy among communication, commerce and contents. You can see this performance by youtube video.

I met Alan Lewis, ebay technical evangelist. He was nice and lover of Firefox. My favorite session was speaking of Chris Anderson who made Long Tail theory. Chris gave a good speaking and you can see a brief note by Alan. He was very popular and many people wanted to talk with him after sessions. I must have to go before final session for flight schedule, but this conference was very helpful to me for planing 3rd-party support program.

I wrote Go to EbayDevCon! (in korean) in column of ZDNet Korea .

Google GeoDeveloper Day
Before Where 2.0, It was held Google GeoDevelopers Day. Google announced various enhancements of Google Maps and Google Earth in there. Google presented all of session with Google Video as if you were there.

Google’s three key men spoke their story and vision for geosptial web services.

Also I gave a poster presentation ‘A Mashup with Google and Korean Maps‘ in community mashup session. I hacked Naver’s Ajax based map service and mash-up with Google’s satellite image layer because there is no map layer of korean region in detail. In my paper, you can see a situation of korean mapping services.

I visited Google again after web2con last year. Google was extending its office cross roads nearby Mozilla office. And there are some korean engineer joined this year. I was so glad to see them and had a nice time to listen to jazz music and good meals and good persons.

Where 2.0 Conference
I majored in Geology in undergraduate and GIS in graduate school. So I’m very interested in geo mapping service. My academic interests were combinations between GIS and Web. So I tried to add GIS features and concepts to SVG standard through W3C activity in 1998.

In this conference, I felt a revival of conventional GIS vendors (Autocast released its map server to open source. ESRI joined as sponsor. MapQuest did Open API for the map service) against Google’s innovations.

Also there are some standard war among GeoRSS, KML and GML. Significant changes are occurred in open source geomapping such as or NASA’s World Wind.

Nathan reported five changes in The status of Where 2.0: 1) Data Visualization, 2) Social Data, 3)The Need for Standards, 4) Movement to the Desktop and 5) Location Sensing. I also wrote a column of Future of Where 2.0(in korean) in ZDNet Korea.

Visiting Flock, Mozilla and UCSC
I visited Flock’s office to see Bart Decrem, my friend to work together in Mozilla 1.0 release. In office, Stella of Chief Good Girl welcomed to me. But, I thought she was likely interested in Firefox in my t-shirt.

Bart explained confidential functions of Flock beta version. Also I gave some comments for asian strategy of Flock. And I visited Mozilla office again and met Asa, Paul and many summer interns. It was nice party time.

In next, Mr. Sung Kim picked up me and gave a sightseeing guide for UCSC and coastline and ares of Santa Cruz. It’s very beautiful campus and city.

Thanks for Sung Kim, Bart, Asa, Paul, Kevin Chang and Alan.

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