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Who are korean bloggers?

Posted by Channy Yun

David Sifry, CEO of Technorati announced analysis for the blogosphere. According to results, japanese and chinese blogs are increasing and over english blog.

But, there are not no korean part in blogosphere as measured by Technorati. David wrote that Korean blogs are not tracked by Technorati and that Korean blogs are grossly underrepresented. David explained it mostly dues to the fact that the largest Korean blog and hompy services (like Cyworld or Planet Weblog) are not being indexed by Technorati at this time.

Why don’t korean blogs indexed by them? Cyworld doesn’t offer RSS and permalink. But, there are many bloggers in korea except Cyworld. Who are korean bloggers? Korean blogs are classified as followings:

1. Personal Diary
It’s well known service minihompy such as Cyworld and Daum Planet. It consists on diary, photo, guestbook by social network based on own real name and offline connections. There is no open communicational tools such as RSS, trackback and pingback. Users is over 15 million people in Korea.

2. Personal Scrapbook
Most of bloggers use portal offering services such as Naver, Daum, Empas and Yahoo. The first portal blog was Naver Blog that was made by a producer of Cyworld who transferred to NHN. So the Naver Blog resembles Cyworld’s in primary concept. For example, Cyworld shared photos by scrapping within own social networks such as friends and family. Naver Blog has encouraged scrapping from one blog to others. Most of users recognized meaning of blog as an aggregation tool of informations such as news articles as like a personal scrapbook.

In result, there are very duplicated articles in various blogs. As well Naver depends on the search, it was highly exposed in search results articles of blogger who scraped many articles. This effect made a storage with large duplicated informations. Naver Blog is the largest one with these characteristics over 8 million people in Korea.

Naver offers various function such as tagging, RSS feeding and trackback. But, it seems Technorati doesn’t crawl and index Naver Blog because of their robot policy.

3. Online Journalism
Others are minor of portal blog, most of own blog such as Egloos, Ohmynews, Tattertools and WordPress. They write own thoughts with quotation of other blogs and linking a source. They intend to open communications by trackback and feeding RSS. It’s about 0.3 million people.

Who are korean bloggers? I thought all of them are bloggers why it briefly means “personal web log”. But, at least Technorati can track users of #2 and #3. (Now #3 users may be done.) If it does, korean bloggers are similar with japanese and chinese’s.

And there is another reasons for korean blogs not to be catched by Technorati. One of them is a language problem. It has the japanese site, Technorati.jp. Korean is not familiar with english site, so they feel to add their feeds and search articles in Technoratil. The other is existing meta-blog site such as Allblog and easy to search blog’s articles in portal sites. Korean has already enjoyed blog life in that sites. Maybe chinese are familiar with english and Technorati became fashion for chinese bloggers because there are no vast meta-blog sites for reading many blogs.

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