Thursday July 5, 2007 21:45

Why Asian Love Web 2.0?

Posted by Channy Yun

Who does search the keyword of “Web 2.0” in the world? Surprisingly it was Korean according to a result of Google Trends in 2006. Of course, South Korea and Seoul were also highly ranked in this period.

But, I thought it was bias caused by the result of rare ordinary people. (Google is just under 2% market share in here- most of technical guys only have used Google. In result, Google Trends might fix this bias after issuing of this fact.

Recently I reviewed search trends of “Web 2.0”, more surprisingly it was Taiwan and India. In recent period in 2006~2007, Singapore and Japan was included.

In case of “Web 2.0 vs . Web2.0” with no space, Japan is very high in the world.

As following are Taiwan, South Korea, China and India. Most of Asian don’t use no space-word language, so they tend to write no space among words.

Anyway Asian people have been interested in Web 2.0 rather than other continent even though there are some bias of big population and low market share with technically major users. How about “Web 3.0”? It’s very similar result with “Web 2.0”.

How about your thought?

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玩玩Google Trends | M Blogin’

August 12th, 2007 at 3:17 am

[…] 今天看到这篇文章,发现一个挺有意思的玩法。 […]


John Kwag

February 5th, 2008 at 11:22 am

or it could be the love for meaningless buzzwords among the Korean populace:

you know like…

– ubiquitous (heh. heh. HAHAHHAHAHAHA)

– convergence (internet on your refigerator…because we all spend hours standing in front of our fridges)

– globalization ( one size does not fit all…un less your a Korean media company..they have it too easy here..which is why they are woeful abraod…please don’t tell me they’re big in CHina…that’s like the old cliche from the american music business…”…but we’re HUGE in Japan!”)

– UCC ( content that is neither really user created anymore…alot of heh…proteur..content out there now)

– boom up (you know….you really can’t boom down…a boom is by definition an upwards thing…unless you’re britney…)

– a Korean VC…. BWAHAHAHAHAhaa…sorry I am crying here…there is no such thing…well unless you’re risk averse, have little in the way of helpful operational viewpoints, and like reallly short exit strategies.


John Kwag

February 5th, 2008 at 11:29 am

Not that I am overgeneralizing. a little.Okay Korean VC’s you can stop holding your breath. I’m sorry. I know I respect. No management fees. really unfriendly financial environment to raising funds. poor business models in saturated markets. No thought to monetization. No avenue to flip either.

hmm.. I am starting to feel sorry for MR. Korean VC….

still… ubiquitous…I am waiting for someone to add a totally weird and inevitable “-ing” to it

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