Wednesday September 20, 2006 02:05

Posted by Channy Yun

The is one of personalization portal in Korea as like Google’s personal start page service or Netvibes. It made by Wizard Works (domestic venture college students). They just introduced its beta version through its site on the 14th. September. They have offered the closed beta service since June, 2006.

It provides RSS feeds and web widget and the widget search provides seven different search engines from Google, Naver, Daum etc. When comparing MS only offering its MSN search and Google with its Google search only the clearly shows distinct advantage over other sites. Especially Wizard works pointed out that personalized page services provided by major portals only give official widget and RSS feed which are closed-minded toward providing users with true personalize service concept.

On the other hand, it has open-minded platform, which accepts various contents, can provide even faster response time than giant portals like MS and Google due to their huge scale of operations.

This site enables user to layout mini modules like Google’s Gadgets. They include functions of news, calendar, memo, weather, search, task management and blogs. Also it supports separated tabbed pages between functions. It is implemented by AJAX techniques.

It’s very fast and simple from closed beta services. Group of elite venture students are from Yonsei University with average 21 years of age. I think they are very energetic and courageous. You can fee it their offical blog in korean.

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