Tuesday May 23, 2006 18:16

Yahoo! learned Korea. But…

Posted by Channy Yun

Recently Google presented own future strategy to stock analysts. Also Yahoo hosts Yahoo! Analyst Day with Semel and all of core managers of Yahoo! You can download presentation files. In summary, they want to offer good experiences and become the major contents distribution platform.

I remarked Jeff Weiner’s social search session. This means collaborative search based on Q&A based knowledge, sharing tagged bookmarks and photo images of Del.icio.us and Flickr. These trend of search is based on not crawling web page but user-generated content in database. Yahoo! Answers is representative of social search copied a success of Naver Knowledge In. User-generated knowledges are a common sense such as “What I do to meet blue screen?” and “Who invented Airplane?” Anyway Jeff introduced Naver’s success in Korea.

As following chart shows competitive power to initial incentives with strong connection between search and knowledge database.

Yahoo! Korea started it in July 2003, but defeated to Naver. But, Yahoo! made a hit in area of Japan and Taiwan, and now are spreading this to Europe and America.

In example of Taiwan, the market share of Yahoo! are increased and make inroads into Google’s market.

Yahoo! learned Korea, but it’s success story of broadband effects. Increasing of broadband users results similar social effects for everything. Korea experienced various social changes and problems and it makes various remarkable successive services such as Daum Cafe, SayClub, Cyworld, Ohmynews and Naver Knowledge In.

Korea is the future spot to implement highest and newest technology now and forever. There are DMB, widely 3G mobile phones connected broadcasting and Wibro (aka Wimax), high speed wireless Internet and digital TV and home networking over broadband network.

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