Tuesday January 24, 2006 22:56

ZDNet: Korean Web 2.0 Services

Posted by Channy

I introduced korean servces with web 2.0 concepts.

1. User paticipation
– Ohmynews: http://www.ohmynews.com – an alternative media with citizenship reporters
– Cyworld: http://www.cyworld.com – an widely spreading social network service
– Daum Agora: http://agora.media.daum.net – a bulletin board system for issues.
– Naver Blog: http://blog.naver.com – an information clipping based blog service.

2. Blogging
– Egloos : http://egloos.com – independant blogging service.
– Allblog: http://www.allblog.net – meta blogging service.
– Tattertools: http://tattertools.com – popular blogging tool.

3. Collective Intelligence
– Naver Knowledge In: http://kin.naver.com – Q/A based information database
– Yahoo! Hub: http://kr.hub.yahoo.com – Tagging based bookmarking.
– Daum Pie: http://pie.daum.net – collective photo upload service.
– Eolin : http://eolin.com – Tattertools based tagging syndication such as issue and location.

4. Long tail based Business Model
– Naver Keywordshop: http://keywordshop.naver.com – It’s same with Google Adwords.
– Daum Clix : http://clixpm.bizshop.daum.net/ – First contextual advertisement in Korea.
– Dotori: http://www.cyworld.com/ – Cybercash for buying digital item such as theme, background music and clothing of avatar.

5. Open APIs– It’s very weak point in web 2.0 concept.

6. Global leadership– The user participation is a result of widely broadband service. People cannot help using their more time on Internet. Korea has been the most developed broadband country in the world. Many of cultural effects in web 2.0 have been experieced in korea. So korean services must have global leadership.

Refer to this article of ZDNet in korean.

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