Thursday March 24, 2005 11:46

ZDNet: New strategies appeal to developers

Posted by Channy Yun

How to curry favor with developers? I thought marketing strategies toward developers for taking good man.

1. Be trustable, and it will be taken.
Google has promoted its technology power including page rank, clustering, google file system and web services apis. Many of developers believe Google is very good place to develope new technologies such as new services of Google labs. It’s similar with a religious fanatic. People believe not Google’s services but Google itself. It’s similar in MSN Sandbox.

2. Give, and it will be taken.
They have given various open apis for making new toy with their services. Google Search Web Services, Amazon Web Services etc…

3. Help, and it will be taken.
It’s good strategy contribution and donation of open source and public services. Google suppports Firefox 1.0 start pages. Yahoo donates traffic ans servers for Wikipedia and Nutch (open source search engine). Sayclub,korean chatting service has supported SETI project with their server farms.

4. Teach, and it will be taken.
There are many technology Evangelist in IT companies. Some of them started blogging such as Google also made and

Many companies are interested in gaining developer’s favor. Refer to this article of ZDNet in korean.

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